Baltic zurkhaneh sports federation has been established considering the increasing interest of The European youth.
 zurkhaneh sports, with great effort of the Confederation of zurkhaneh  Sports, were introduced in 2006 in Lithuania, athletes in this country participates in the competitions which are held by the International Federation of zurkhaneh sports and they also were able to earn good scores. Obviously, different ways would be prepared for our dear athletes in order to earn more experience and compete in more competitions and so on.
 This federation is composed to accelerate the development and organization of this sport in the Northeast Europe and It should be mention that this federation is the first official federation in the Schengen area which is in the field of zurkhaneh sports.  Hence, one of the federation plans is to form local association in order to propagate this sport and attract youth and teens with the purpose of developing cultural values of zurkhaneh and chivalry in the Baltic region.
In this regard Baltic zurkhaneh sports federation (which is located in Lithuania) plans to propagate this ancient sport in Europe as for its motto that is" sport and friendship", It will be improved by holding local and regional competitions and taking part in the international competitions.    
 We believe that there should be no difference between men and women .In this regard this federation wants to represent various programs that will be declared after preparing qualifications and terms then we will be able to welcome ladies as well.
We also believe that apart from trying to keep this ancient sport alive and propagating the Faith and traditions of the zurkhaneh sports, according to the zurkhaneh's specifications which is a championship, Its position have to be found in the Global fields such as Olympic and It's not difficult to achieve even It can be said that It’s the community and the big family of zurkhaneh's right.
We strongly believe that "If you want something, no doubt, you will achieve it" and we also have entered with this belief .hopefully, we try to appear to be the best and we will do our best .In this regards, we welcome the cooperation and collaboration of all fans and zurkhaneh sports lovers around the world and warmly welcome your cooperation.
Some federation objectives according to the statute:
To supply general needs pertaining to the development of healthy life style, sports and cultures.
To prevent and combat prohibited substances in sport.
To prevent racism, religious discrimination and political issues between athletes.
To hold seminars, educational-scientific conferences.
To keep healthy sport environment away from any abuses.
To prevent wastage of the rights of the sports community.
  To development activities in the field of sports - Culture – Education.
  To create the suitable conditions for making movies- and TV_shows.
 To manage and hold festivals, contests, sports health camps.
 To create entertaining and training sport centers
.To publish journals and periodical


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