Zurkhaneh's cloth
The uniform of the champions at the zurkhaneh consists of either a loin cloth or a pantaloon, or a tight pair of short pants made from leather or some durable material. The pants are usually decorated with beautiful embroidery. In ancient times, the athlete kissed the pants both at the beginning when he was putting them on and, at the end of the event, when he had taken them off.

Morshed’s cloth In the past
 there was an Long (apron) to be tied on Pajama and another one to be put around shoulders, but nowadays Morshed often sits on the seat wearing sport shirt and long leather or velvet trousers. Bastani trousers that  covers legs down to knees and is made of thick cloth trimmed by color or white strips in flower designs and round the waist and knees are covered with leather.


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