The music of zurkhaneh

Zurkhaneh is house of strength, joy of effort, generosity and chivalries spirit, love of country and combined with art and literature. Zurkhaneh is a sport of values.

This sport with the thousands years of history has played a great role in empowering the mental and physical health aspects of the people. Zurkhaneh Sports is a cultural heritage and good resource for Sports for All. Beside,It should be noted that Music has been played an important role in this sport. Here there are two instruments which have been played in zurkhane, so far. 

Zang (Bell): The bell which is used for more harmonious exercises of athletes and coach as well as change of exercise techniques, is like an upside down copper bowl from middle of which a bar is hanging which creates a nice sound when hit to the walls of bowl. Morshed on entrance of an important person or outstanding athletes and pioneer to the Zurkhaneh, rings the bell and beat the drum and chants proper and epical poems on nationalism and remembrance of holy people.

Zarb (Drum): Drum of Morshed is like a tambourine made of clay with a broad opening covered with a thin tanned skin and by rhythmic beating on which Morshed causes rhythmic and harmonious exercises and movements and tries to create interest and eagerness in athletes and spectators. Exercise leader is an elite athlete who conducts Varzesh-e- bastani’s operation and coordination with Morshed and the other athletes inside the Gowd have to follow him.


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