The behavior of the athletes who attend zurkhaneh workouts is expected to follow moral virtues like fairness, sacrifice, piety, modesty, politeness and cheerfulness. Thus, a zurkhaneh athlete is supposed to adhere to a series of customs and traditions as soon as he arrives:

Rising early is one of the oldest traits of zurkhaneh athletes. This custom arises out of Iran’s ancient traditions.. A wake-up bugle would summon them, and they all gathered at a certain place before dawn. Then the young men would be divided into groups of 50, and each group, led by its own leader would run 40 ostads (each ostad was 180 meters), over 7 kilometers.

On entering the zurkhaneh, one must lower one’s head and express modesty and humbleness. That is why the entrances in zurkhanehs are quite low; that makes anyone who arrives bow his head - a reminder of the importance of modest, dignified and gracious behavior.

The procedures used for paying others respect are:

• If a group is entering the zurkhaneh, they should offer each other to go first.
• Those who are older or more experienced in zurkhaneh sports have higher priority and should enter first.
• The most important or famous visitor is to be seated on the highest place of the steps surrounding the gode  
• In the past, this seat for the most distinguished was situated beside the sardam, next to the morshed or the veteran Nowadays, however, the best seats are across from the entrance or the platform opposite the sardam.
• Anyone in the gode or outside it is expected to give his seat to a visitor more experienced or older than him.

The Morshed’s Formalities:

The morshed’s duty is to go through certain formailities for anyone entering or exiting the zurkhaneh depending on his experience or rank:
• On the arrival of an experienced, developed athlete, the morshed calls out “Welcome!” and asks everyone
present to chant a salavat in his honor.
• Of the person entering is a veteran athlete, the morshed says, “Your arrival is most prosperous and delightful!” and does a quick beat on his drum.
• On the arrival of a champion, the same procedure for the veteran athlete is carried out plus a ringing of the bell.
• Sometimes the morshed also chants poetry on the arrival of a champion or a distinguished guest after he does the usual formalities.


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