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Charkh (Whirling)

The whirling exercises are aimed at increasing lower body strength and stamina as well as increasing balance and concentration and are performed individually by each athlete taking turns to take center of the Gowd and whirling clockwise in rhythm to the Morshed's drumbeat. There are variations of the whirling exercises that can be done in a serial mode or individually and consist of:
• Charkh'e Teez (fast whirling)
• Charkh'e Chamani (slow whirling)
• Charkh'e Takk Ferr (whirling with spins)

The duration of this segment depends on the number of people whirling. Usually this segment brings an end to the group exercise and is concluded with a group prayer before athletes may seek permission to exit the Gowd.

Kabbadeh-zadan (Bow practice)

Some athletes may remain in the Gowd and proceed to exercise with the Kabbadeh. These exercises is performed by swinging the bow and chain overhead or in front of the body from side to side in increasing repetitions performed to the beat of the Morshed's drum.

Meel-baazi (Juggling)

Prior to commencing Meel exercises those who wish will take center place in the Gowd and juggle with light Meels. This segment is often performed for an audience in an act of  showmanship but also has the added benefit of balance, hand-eye coordination and concentration.
4.6 Meel-geeri (Club practice)
Similar to the initial 2 push-up sequences the Meel exercises are performed in the following order:
• Sarnavazi (4 count club swinging), this is a slower paced rhythmic club swinging and can incorporate several variations (intermediate to advanced)
• Stretching with the Meel, these exercies performed to signify the change between the slower 4 count Meel swings and the faster and more strenuous 2 count Meel swings, it also gives the athletes time to recuperate from the previous segment
• Shallaghi (2 count club swinging), this is a faster paced rhythmic club swinging and can incorporate several variations (advanced)  During this segment the athletes may choose to exercise using heavy or lighter Meels depending on their objective. When using the lighter Meels the athletes can perform variations during the Meel swinging that aim to improve coordination, balance, strength and stamina in multiple larger and smaller stabilizer muscles. With practice these movements can be choreographed and performed in synchronization with the Morshed's drum beat and each individual athlete.  The duration of this segment is 7-12min.

Sang-giri (Shield practice)

Alternatively some athletes proceed to lifting the Sang and performing variations during the lifts in double handed lifts or single handed lifts while rolling from side to side.  During competitions or exhibition this segment is performed by one athlete in the beginning of the session instead of warm-up to showcase the exercise and demonstrate their strength and ability with the Sang.

koshti pahlevani

Koshti Pahlevani “Heroic Wrestling” is one of the disciplines of Zurkhaneh Sports. In the ancient, Heros and athletes practiced Koshti Pahlevani and trained with their primary students “Nocheh” in the Gowd of Zurkhaneh after practicing Zurkhaneh Sports. Heros and “Nokhasteh” participated in Koshti Pahlevani competitions in holidays or special ceremonies with special conditions. Sometimes Hero of a Zurkhaneh or a city invited Hero of another Zurkhaneh or City to wrestle with each other, this kind of wrestling was in a special event with a huge number of athletes and experienced sportsmen and elders. After developing common wrestlings worldwide (Freestyle wrestling and Gerco-Roman wrestling), Heros of Zurkhanehs replaced Zurkhaneh Gowds with wrestling mats and modify their styles with International ones. Many of Iranian famous wrestlers whom achieved Olympic, World and Asia Medals and Titles, have grown up from Zurkhaneh; Gholamreza Takhti, Abullah Mojtabavi, Nabi Soruri, Abbas Zandi, Mansour Mahdizadeh, Alireza Soleymani, Naser Giveh chi, Ali Ghaffari, Mansour Raeesi, Mohammad ali Sanaat karan, Hossein Soltani nejad, Mahdi Yaghoubi, Abbas Jadidi, Rasoul Khadem, Amir reza Khadem, Mohammad Khadem and .. .
The athlete who wants to Practice Koshti Pahlevani needs to the following qualifications: Physical Ability, Intelligence, quick reaction and endurance that Zurkhaneh Sports will empower him in all of the above qualifications and Skills. The Freestyle wrestling and Gerco-Roman wrestling Style Wrestlers can fight against their
opponents very easily in the case of practicing Koshti Pahlevani .


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