Europe Champion in Zurkhaneh wrestling is defined

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Europe Champion in Zurkhaneh wrestling is defined

The 2nd European Koshti Pahlavani wrestling championship of Europe for plus 90 kilogram with participation of 15 athletes was held in Liepaja, Latvia. Wrestlers were from Italy, Albania, Georgia, Switzerland, Finland, Armenia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Serbia, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, Netherland and host country of Latvia participated in This championship. The aforementioned championship was held coincidence with local, native and traditional wrestling championship under supervision of FILA representative and European Zurkhaneh Sports Association of IZSF. 
This wrestling championship took place in four circuits. At the end Dimitry Smolikov from Lithuania who is the champion title holder of Europe in free wrestling by defeating Dusan Hegedus from Slovakia at the final achieved the champion title. David Papaux of Switzerland and Ihnat Davidchyk from Belarus jointly got the third place.
At the end of this championship Dr. MehrAlizadeh president of the International Zurkhaneh Sports (IZSF) along with Dzintars Urbanchik president of Latvian Wrestling and Mr. Gintautas Vileita the president of Local and native wrestling presented awarded medals.
In verge of this championship EZSA authorities of IZSF including Sergei Gorbanof from Kirgizstan, Deodoro Piter of Germany, Enghevi Zekouf of Poland, Nikolay Nijeski of Belaros, Alex Titer of Russia, Rahim Jeddi IZSF Event Director and Mohammad Khoshjan Chairman of the Technical committee from IZSF were present in a meeting and announced their technical views regarding the upcoming European championship which would be held in July 2014.
The Mayor of Liepaja visited Dr. MehrAlizadeh and sat in a meeting; by showing great enthusiast to Zurkhaneh Sport he proposed hosting of the upcoming European Championship of IZSF in Liepaja city


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