Zurkhaneh Sport has just become a member of World Martial Arts Union

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Quoted by IRNA ,IZSF Public Relations is reporting that IZSF Advisor in International Affairs gave some information about membership of Zurkhaneh Sport in World Martial Arts Union . 

On Sunday “Amirreza Airum”  in a telephone conversation with IRNA reporter stated that World Martial Arts Union held a festival from 26 to 28 October 2018 with the presence of 45 team from different countries in Chungju , Republic of Korea  . It is to be mentioned that IZSF Executive Board Members had already been invited to attend the above festival as well . 

The above official added that Chang Tae the President and Yeon Jeong Hon Secretary General of  World Martial Arts Union took part in the aforesaid meeting . 

With respect to the high capacity and competency of Zurkhaneh Sport & Koshti Pahlevani , fortunately the Dignitaries of WoMAU unanimously agreed to the membership of IZSF in this Union and announced that in order to implement the bureaucracy and administrative affairs , this subject matter shall be approved in the 2019 General Assembly of World Martial Arts Union and after it is being approved and ratified , we will be notified accordingly . 

Executive Board Member of Asian Zurkhnaeh Sports pointed out that one of the features and qualities of being accepted in this Union is the registration of sports in the United Nations Educational , Scientific &Cultural Organization  ( UNESCO ) that fortunately Zurkhaneh Sport has been registered in UNESCO as the National Sport of Iran . 

In it worth pointing out that a South Korean Zurkhaneh Team performed a diversified program during the festival which was well received and applauded by the spectators . 

Rituals  of  Zurkhaneh & Pahlevani Sport registered on 16 November 2010 at the Kenya Summit in UNESCO as the spiritual legacy and heritage of humanity . 

It was added that World Martial Arts Union has 45 members that some of its members are from International Federations and in fact the programs of the above Union are being organized with the support of UNESCO . For this reason , the prerequisite of entering  it  is  membership in  UNESCO .

“Airum “ then accentuated that countries such as Brazil , Turkey and Mongolia have tried to be affiliated to this Union that  compared to IZSF ,due to their weaker structure and organization and of course strong documents of IZSF , our membership has been accepted and approved .

With respect to my presence at the Embassy of the I.R. Iran in South Korea and being Executive Board Member of Asian Federation whose headquarter is located in the Republic of Korea , we have been able to make acceptable relations which played significant and effective role in this regard .

He emphasized that Zurkhaneh Sport was closed in its shell and casing and even had not been received or welcomed in our country either . 

Nonetheless thanks to Mohsen Mehralizadeh efforts and endeavors , the President of the Ministry of Sport of that time , International Zurkhaneh Federation was established .  luckily this Federation has good  relationship with TAFISA ( The Association  For International Sport For All ) which is very important for including  Zurkhaneh Sports in  the Asian Games and eventually Olympic Games .

“Airum” accentuated that IZS membership in the International Organizations  has been effective in presenting and strengthening this sport and can be taken into consideration as an advantage .  

According to the regulations of IOC ( International Olympic Committee ) , a new sport which is supposed to be an Olympic one must be approved by all countries , therefore presence  in International Organizations and assemblies can make us closer to our goal and objective which is turn Zurkhaneh Sport into an Olympic Sport . 

At the same time ,he said that media coverage through membership in International Organizations would be a proper opportunity for the Zurkhaneh Sports & Koshti Pahlevani . 

IZSF was founded in 2004 and at present time it has been developed and expended throughout  85  countries of the world .



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